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New Workshops for 2010

Letís Motivate Teenagers

Research and plain observation show that many teenagers lack motivation to study. Some see no relevance in what they are taught to their lives; others lack confidence in themselves, have no aspirations, no sense of purpose and no goals for their future.

The objective of The Motivating the Teenage Mind programme is to remedy the situation.

This practical course, designed for educators working with 11 - 18+ year old young people, consists primarily of over 100 activities designed around seven areas affecting motivation:

  • giving choices and teaching to make them
  • ways of awakening curiosity and interest
  • helping students find relevance in what they learn at school
  • nurturing dreams and encouraging setting goals
  • raising confidence
  • strengthening resilience
  • looking at ways of rewarding achievement

We provide

- training for educators interested in acquiring more tools to motivate their students

- materials to run the programme

- ongoing online support