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New Workshops for 2010

Letís Teach Children to Listen

EHE Listening Course

We are all aware of the fact that many children are very poor listeners.

This is a skill that is required of children and yet experience tells us that listening skills do NOT develop by mere exposure to spoken language; listening needs to be taught.

I have recently designed a new programme the purpose of which is teaching children to LISTEN. The EHE Listening Course consists of a series of 10-minute activities divided into three levels:

Level 1 Tuning Ears for Listening

Level 2 Listening and Following Instructions

Level 3 Transforming Words into Pictures in your Head

My intention is to work with 20 schools all around the country to see how effective this approach can be.

I run two-hour meeting sessions for teachers

I provide all the materials necessary to run the programme

I make suggestions how to introduce the activities and how to evaluate children's progress

The cost of the training is £300.00 (three hundred pounds) + travel. If you think this is something your teachers and children could profit from, please contact me.