Eva Hoffman Education

What a wonderful programme this is. It is both inspiring and practical. It shows us what is possible and gives us empowering tools to make learning the grand adventure it is supposed to be. I highly recommend it to all parents, teachers and students everywhere

Jack Canfield,
President for the International Self-Esteem Seminars,
author, educator

What a fabulous contribution to the world! The programme is both useful and inspiring, offering a vision of learning for the new millennium ….It covers key elements vital to easy and natural learning for children of all ages

David Orr, TOC, educator,
International Buzan Centres Instructor

This is a programme with a potential to transform thousands of lives.

Grethe Hooper Hansen,
International Suggestopaedia Consultant,
author, former Director of SEAL

(the programme) is a wonderful investment in the children’s future. Eva Hoffman deserves an accolade!

Murray White, educational consultant,
British representative for the International Council for Self Esteem.

The enthusiastic reaction that the programme received is easy to understand as for any sensitive teacher or parent it embraces the very essence of growing and learning… Eva Hoffman’s programme could create a generation of truly successful and sensitive adults, which would make the third millennium one to look forward to…

Izabella Hearn, teacher,
Internationally renown educational consultant,
author, Director of SEAL- Spain

The programme is full of practical wisdom, well presented and easy to use; drawn from both what is tried and tested and what is novel and experimental.

Sir Christopher Ball Founder Campaign for Learning,
Patron of SEAL, former Vice Chancellor Derby University

Steve was failing at school; his self-esteem was extremely poor and he showed no confidence in dealing with adults or indeed his peers. After working with you Steve changed almost overnight. His teacher asked me what had happened to him over the holidays, and even his grandmother noticed how much more confident he had become. You will be glad to know that he passed his KS2 exams achieving level 4, something nobody expected could happen and is now settling well into his new school. Thank you ever so much!

(Majela D. Middlewich Cheshire

Daniel’s original predicted grades were 2 C’s and 2 D’s. Instead, he passed 8 exams getting 2 A’s, 2’ B’s and 4 C’s. This achievement can only be attributed to the work he did with you: he learned how to learn, how to revise and his self-esteem and confidence soared. We are ever so grateful to fate that put us in touch with you and the brilliant work you do.

(Lynne F. Frodsham )

Your workshop was perfect for any parent who has ever questioned how they can help their child learn to learn and have fun at the same time. It was very informative and encouraging

Paul Kiss and Jane Bearman

It is so good to know that I have at least 4 well-developed intelligences because I didn’t know these were my intelligences. It is also great to know that we are all intelligent but not necessarily in the same way! I am glad I am learning this when I am 10 because my teacher,. Mr. W said that he learnt this when he was 34!

(Peter, 11, Kelsall)

The Learning Skills Programme- Dr Hoffman System has proven to be most effective in enabling children to understand themselves as learners and of great use to teachers in providing them with knowledge and understanding, direction and ideas for teaching in a way which fosters pupil autonomy and independence in learning. He influence on learning and teaching in Flintshire has been most significant; the messages which she has imported are now beginning to roll out into many of the Authority’s schools and are having a major impact on how children learn and also how teachers teach. To say the least, she has been enlightening and inspiring and instrumental in bringing about a shared vision of learning amongst my LEA colleagues, between some headteachers and their respective school communities.

(B.W Senior Advisor Flintshire LEA)

Thank you for leading us down the path you believe in so passionately. You are putting back the ‘springtime’ into our lives – pupils and adults (Gail Simpson- Headteacher)

I have come out of this course full of ideas and can’t wait to put them into practise. Eva was absolutely ‘fab’

(Smarden Primary)

You are a wonderful person doing a wonderful job. Thank you!

(Atlanta – Georgia, USA)

Fantastic, excellent course

(Atlanta- Georgia, USA)

I appreciate her passion and intellect

(Atlanta – Georgia, USA)

Excellent, very useful for teachers and everyone. Awesome presenter!

Dr Hoffman System is a wonderfully useful, practical insight into the methods of helping children learn.