Eva Hoffman Education

Eva Hoffman PhD

Formal Education

MA in English Language and Literature     Jagellonian University - Cracow

PhD in Education / Applied Linguistics     University MCS - Lublin


In Poland: EFL teacher, university lecturer, special project designer and director, Head of Department

Primary and Secondary school teacher - Cracow

Special project - Jagellonian University - Cracow designer and director of intensive language courses for university staff

EFL teacher - Cracow Academy of Theatre Arts

Head of Methodology Department and lecturer in English language and methodology of teaching English as a Foreign Language - University im. Marii Curie Sklodowskiej, Lublin

In Northern Cyprus: Campus Director, Director of Foundation Programme, lecturer

In England: EFL lecturer in English, Research Writing, Psychology, Sociology, Public Speaking, Intro to Music, Director of Admissions and Academic Advisor

EFL instructor - Lansdowne Tutors - London, Woking

Foundation Programme Director US International University - London Campus

Director of Admissions, Academic Advisor and lecturer - Webster University Lecturer - Huron University

Independent Educational Consultant
- co- Founder/Director of Learn to Learn,
Inspired Learning and evahoffmaneducation

Primary and Secondary sectors - work with educators, children, young people

Metropolitan University - Manchester - teacher training PGCE (guest lecturer)

Work with parents: recipient of Family Learning Millennium Award

Special project: How Children Learn

Special projects: Cheshire schools with National College of Leadership designing, training and responsibility for research project, Words Matter

Courses, workshops and conferences
(keynote addresses and workshops)
topics included:

Learning to Learn - Self-discovery Learning Adventure

Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence

Creativity - ways to develop and ways to stifle creativity at school

Movement and Learning

Learning with Mind Mapping

Special Needs of Special Children

Awakening Motivation in Young People

How Children Learn - training course for instructors

Mind-Friendly Learning Cycle - effective lesson planning

Your class and you - managing for learning and behaviour

Help your child succeed

Parenting for the 21 century

First take Care of the Teacher - a well-being course for people who happen to be teachers

In the world:

Courses, conference keynotes and workshops in:
Argentina, Austria, France, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Kenya, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the USA..


(available from Abundance Books)

The Learning Adventure (in English, Polish and Swedish) - with Z. Bartkowicz

Guide to the Learning Adventure

Introducing Children to Their Amazing Brains

Introducing Children to Their Intelligences

Introducing Children to their Senses

Introducing Children to Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping in Primary Classrooms - with Yvonne Handsford

How Children Learn - with Susan Norman

Stepping Stones (in English and Estonian) - with Susan Norman

The Little Book of Parenting

Parenting from the Heart (in English and Dutch) with Margiret Schmitz

Polish Children in English Schools - with Andrew Rzechowski

Motivating the Teenage Mind - with Martin Hoffman

For You, Dear Teacher

Stress-Free Exams

Why Words Matter

Discover your Learning Intelligence

Articles in Teaching Expertise magazine