Eva Hoffman Education

Because of the unprecedented speed of change that has been taking place in the world, there is an unquestionable need for education not only to keep up with the changes but to lead from the front.

Our goals

The NEW EDUCATION has to fulfil new requirements and move forward with the changing world. We want students to:

know how to be effective learners

- the bulk of knowledge grows daily, faster than ever before and it is necessary to be able to keep up with the changes

- everybody has their own, unique, individual way of learning that is most effective for them; they need to discover what it is

think creatively

- as we have moved from the information age to the conceptual age, it is essential that we develop learners’ creative thinking; the right brain functions are now understood to be equally important to people’s success as the left

deal effectively with change

- change often meets with resistance and harmful stress; learners need to be helped in developing strategies which will enable them not only to cope with the inevitable change but also welcome as well as initiate positive change

be encouraged to live meaningful lives

- research shows that financial comfort does not bring happiness or fulfilment and that more and more people want to live meaningful lives

- living a meaningful life is doing for a living what you love doing, something you know can make a difference

- learners need to develop their strengths as it is their strengths, interests and passions that will bring them success and fulfilment

Our strategies

we encourage a healthy balance between knowledge, skills and creativity across the curriculum

we lead pupils through the process of discovering their unique learning profiles, their Learning Intelligence

we help pupils discover and develop their strengths

we introduce pupils to some unconventional learning strategies; our motto is: ‘If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something different’.

we dedicate time and effort

- to motivating and inspiring pupils’ interests

- to building up their resilience, confidence, focus and Emotional Intelligence

- to developing strategies melting away examination stress

we create opportunities for ourselves to grow and develop our own skills, knowledge and creativity

we ensure that all teachers

- believe in their pupils’ potential to succeed

- care about their pupils’ well-being and achievement

- make every pupil noticed

- treat pupils with the respect they deserve

we work together with our pupils’ parents, trying to ensure we all speak with one voice and that we give each other as much support as is necessary in our efforts to do the very best we can for the children.